Alone. Alone. Alone. That’s all I feel.


if people could look into my eyes and see how many times i’ve sat down and cried in the shower and how many times i have felt empty and how many times i’ve run metal paintbrushes across my arm and how many times in my head i was standing at the exit sign, their eyes would see more tears than today’s afternoon thunderstorm


They’re fading and it scares me
I’ve had this urge lately, to slash my wrists open. To cut as deep as I possibly can and watch the blood create a mess on my bedroom floor. That’s not good, is it? (via hlouisej)

Still I won’t let you go.
No, I won’t leave your side.
I won’t let you down, 
This time.


i can`t go to school mom the blankets have accepted me as one of their own if i leave now i might lose their trust.


Tumblr, please stop sending me emails telling me what’s happening right now on Tumblr.

I know what’s happening right now on Tumblr.

I never leave.


i’ve been shopping for years and i still have nothing to wear. 

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